6 Steps to Hiring High-Performing Employees and Boosting Your Profitability

Introduction: The success of a company largely depends on the quality of its team. High-performing employees not only fulfill their responsibilities, but also raise the standard of excellence. This blog discusses how to avoid common hiring mistakes and ensure you have high-performing employees.

Characteristics of a high-performing employee: High-performing employees are characterized by their intelligence and business astuteness, understanding complexities and anticipating trends. They are motivated by success and their passion for work translates into exceptional dedication and commitment.

Main challenges in the hiring process and how to face them: Finding exceptional talent is not easy. The following are the 6 main challenges you might face and their solutions:
1. Few Applicants – Create a talent network with employees and allies, improve the career page on your website, improve search ads, and offer bonuses up to $10,000 MXN to those who help find qualified candidates.
2. Vague Job Descriptions – Develop detailed and specific job descriptions highlighting not only technical skills, but also personal attributes and desired values.
3. Candidates Lying in Their Resumes – Schedule calls with their supervisors and conduct structured interviews to explore their employment history, education, and relevant experiences.
4. Interviews not revealing enough negatives – Use interview techniques that focus on education and employment history, ask about positive and negative aspects of each experience, analyze body language, and connect the dots to identify behavior patterns.
5. Poor Reference Checks – Interview the candidate’s former supervisors to understand their strengths and weaknesses and how they might fit into your organization.
6. Weak Candidate Identification Tools – Invest in advanced tracking and evaluation tools, as well as skill and competency tests designed to assess key aspects related to the role.

Conclusion: Incorporating high-performing employees is key to accelerating sales and increasing profitability. They improve efficiency, productivity, and foster innovation and business development. Optimizing the hiring process is a wise long-term economic decision, significantly reducing the risks and costs associated with poor hiring choices. At Leaper 360, we accompany you on this journey, focusing on strengthening your teams with methods to achieve high-level hiring.

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