Advantages of a Marketing Agency instead of a Marketing Director.

Summary: If you have wondered if having your internal or external marketing team is a good idea, don’t worry, you are not the only one, I promise that by the end of this blog you will be able to make decisions about whether to do it or not and what is the best way to do it .

  1. The challenges of today’s CEOs and CMOs.
  2. The profile of the new consumer and the emergence of new companies that adapt better and faster to change.
  3. How do customers currently buy?
  4. How a Team of Marketing Strategists Can Help You Be Successful.
  5. Benefits of Hiring a Marketing Agency or Marketing Services and Outsourcing this Function.

The challenges of today’s CEOs and CMOs

In the last decade, there have been radical transformations in the business world and no type of company has been immune to these changes. As managers, we have the challenge of:

Stay current in the changing environment.

Give results in a shorter period of time and, in many cases, with fewer resources

Did you know…?

The average time that a CEO or a Commercial Director remains in their position is 2 to 3 years. The reality surpasses them. Faced with the need to deliver results, shareholders seek a replacement that:

  • Quickly adapt to changes.
  • Be up-to-date with new tools and environment

However, without the right tools and processes, this spirals downward for the business strategist.

Companies must adapt to a constantly changing world

The profile of the new consumer and the emergence of new companies that adapt better and faster to change

In this new era, companies have emerged with better strategic marketing and better sales strategies that know how to better adapt to changes and new challenges, developing business models with innovative Value Proposals that meet their needs and give consumers control in the purchasing process. So, they are rapidly ousting the companies that used to dominate the market, becoming leading companies in less than 5 years. In addition, consolidated companies that did not know how to adapt to change disappeared from the market.


  • The power was in the hands of the companies.
  • Companies led the conversation and imposed their rules on their consumers or customers


  • Digital revolution: The power is in the hands of consumers.
  • Digital companies empower their consumers and customers with better marketing strategies.

How do customers buy today?

Today, user experience, satisfaction and reputation are essential for business success. Marketing and advertising must adapt, so that the marketing of companies evolves, however, there are still few companies that have a market strategy to meet these new needs of their customers and know their level of satisfaction.

Characteristics of the new consumer:

  • They are informed before buying.
  • They know more than the sellers themselves.
  • They review several options (greater competition).
  • They make decisions collectively.
  • They look for recommendations on websites and social networks.
  • They want to know what people are saying about your company.
  • They look for an emotional connection with your brand.
  • They demand a quick response.
  • They look for outstanding shopping experiences.

How a Team of Marketing Strategists Can Help You Be Successful

The business ecosystem has been transformed and continues to do so by leaps and bounds every day.

The problem is that traditional market research, communication and digital marketing agencies see only part of the process and do not have the appropriate experience and methodologies to be able to have a comprehensive vision of the commercial process. They do not have the capacity to generate effective and comprehensive strategies and lack the experience to implement them successfully, which prevents real and significant transformations from taking place, preventing the executives who hire them from succeeding in their job responsibilities, putting their permanence at risk. and professional growth.

The way to be successful is to have a multidisciplinary team that allows you to address the 3 stages of a purchasing process:

  • Attracting qualified prospects with better positioning strategies and more efficient advertising campaigns.
  • Conversion to customers as quickly and at the lowest possible cost with better sales strategies
  • To delight them with their purchase and use experience so that they become evangelizers that attract other customers willing to buy our products or services.

A Multidisciplinary Marketing, Sales and Customer Service team allows you to:

  • Understand the needs, motivators and fears of your client or consumer
  • Evaluate and improve your value proposition and your business model
  • Define the optimal price and build an efficient promotion and discount plan
  • Communicate your value proposition in a credible, differentiated and relevant way and with the lowest cost of attraction.
  • Align the teams responsible for the commercial process, that is, Marketing, Sales and Customer Service to work in coordination and support each stage of the commercial process.
  • Improve the performance of your sales and customer service teams, improving their processes, having the right team and providing them with tools to improve their performance.
  • Be clear about the priorities and objectives to be achieved and have a methodology that gives rhythm and speed to the execution to ensure that the strategies for the companies and the defined tactics are made a reality.

Benefits of Hiring a Marketing Agency or Marketing Services and Outsourcing this Function

There are 2 ways to create Marketing strategies:

  1. The first is to hire a strategist (Director or Sr Marketing Manager) and a team of people who support him in executing (assistants, brand managers, market research managers, communication managers, etc.) and later hire agencies that execute the strategies and tactics that the Marketing team developed.
  2. The second way to do it is to outsource this service to a marketing company that allows you to make marketing strategies with a team of experts in each of the marketing areas, and that has sales strategists who have innovative methodologies and who respond to this new changing reality, creating an external commercial department at your service.

Here are some reasons why it is a good idea to do the work with an external Strategic Marketing Agency:

  1. Cost reduction

Hiring a marketing area can be very expensive for many companies. It requires the hiring and training of a large team. For a large number of brands, this is simply not profitable. Either because of not having money to invest or the amount of work to justify the team, many areas of in-house marketing do not prosper.

Outsourcing with a marketing company, on the other hand, represents a cheaper option and, if a good marketing company is selected, even with better results. Instead of taking a payroll for an entire team, a service is contracted with a professional marketing agency. Since the agency is funded by other clients and its team already includes

2. Experience

Experience costs, and an internal marketing department that is just starting out will hardly be able to afford to hire professionals with a large number of projects in their portfolio. Instead, those who operate from a marketing agency already have a long career, on top of all that they have built in the agency itself.

Furthermore, the marketing agency already knows how to operate to deliver the results that its clients expect. They have years doing strategic, creative work and generating return on investment for their clients.

3. Professionalism

A marketing agency is full of professionals in strategy, market research, communication, brand image, digital marketing, etc. All these professionals together offer a comprehensive service that responds to the needs of brands. This results in a comprehensive and multidisciplinary strategy as many internal departments simply could not offer, or not at the same cost.

Professional tools must also be highlighted. A marketing agency already has licenses and marketing tools. Can an internal department afford the same?

4. scalable solutions

An internal marketing department might work in the first place and be able to deliver basic results, but what happens when you want to scale up the project? Hiring massive new recruits solely to augment marketing operations will not always be a profitable decision. Many brands simply cannot afford to hire, train, and integrate large numbers of people into their workflow.

Instead, a marketing agency can offer scalable solutions with different types of strategies. If from one campaign to the next one seeks to radically increase the scale of the project, it is enough to make a new quote, since the agency already has the personnel to assign, ready and trained.


In conclusion, a marketing agency is an option that must be taken into account if you want to promote a brand or product. They generate great results, deliver a more comprehensive service than in-house marketing teams, and have the infrastructure and experience to take a business to the next level.

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