Business vision: 3 steps to define your business purpose and increase your sales


The heart of every successful company lies in a fundamental concept that guides it: its purpose, or why we do what we do. This isn’t just a statement, but the compass that guides all strategies and decisions. In this blog, we will explore two different but complementary approaches to defining this crucial component, demonstrating how a well-articulated purpose can accelerate the growth and sales of your company.

1. Passion as a Pillar:

Passion is the first pillar in defining a business purpose. Identifying what truly drives you and your team is essential. This shouldn’t just be seen as a hobby or interest, but as the engine that drives every project, task, and day in the company. When passion aligns with work, energy and creativity flourish, leading to greater commitment and dedication. A passionate company is one that is not afraid of challenges and is always looking to improve.

However, passion alone is not enough. It must be channeled in a way that contributes to the growth and objectives of the company. This is where the second pillar comes in: contribution. It is crucial to ask how your team’s passion can be used to solve real problems and make a difference in the market and society.

2. Contribution: Impact on the World:

Contribution refers to the impact that your company has on the world. It defines how your product or service improves people’s lives, solves an important problem, or addresses a critical need. This approach not only strengthens the company’s mission and vision but also creates a deeper connection with customers and the community. A company that actively contributes to the well-being of its environment builds a strong and trustworthy reputation.

In addition, when defining your contribution, consider sustainability and long-term impact. In a world where consumers are increasingly aware of their decision-making power, companies that demonstrate a genuine commitment to larger causes position themselves favorably in the hearts and minds of their audience.

3. Economic Viability: The Backbone of Purpose

The third pillar is economic viability. A powerful and passionate purpose must be supported by a solid and sustainable business model. This means understanding how your passion and contribution translate into income and growth. A well-defined purpose can be a powerful engine for sales, differentiation, and brand loyalty, but it must be aligned with an economic strategy that ensures the long-term profitability and survival of the company.

Analyze how your purpose connects with the needs and desires of the market. How can your passion and contribution meet a demand or create a new one? This link between purpose and profitability not only ensures the company’s sustainability but also attracts investment, talent, and opportunities.


Defining a clear and compelling purpose is a powerful strategy that drives development and accelerates sales for your company. A purpose that integrates passion, contribution, and economic viability not only provides a clear direction and sense of mission to your team but also resonates deeply with customers and partners. It is the foundation for building an authentic and lasting brand that stands out in the market.

Moreover, a well-articulated purpose acts as a magnet to attract and retain the best talent, those who are not just looking for a job but a cause and a community to grow with. In a business environment where differentiation and innovation are key, a company with a solid purpose is a company prepared to lead.

Are you ready to define a powerful and inspiring purpose for the people in your company? In summary, investing in defining and communicating your purpose is not only beneficial but vital. It positions you to seize opportunities, face challenges, and grow sustainably. So, if you are looking to transform your company and accelerate your sales, start by looking inward and defining what drives you, what you contribute, and how you make it profitable. Success awaits you. Our methodology focuses on building a business operating system that includes purpose as part of your strategic planning. Unlock the potential of your company with Leaper 360 and achieve a purpose that inspires your customers, employees, and shareholders!
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