Innovation: Development of Products and/or Services that Your Clients Will Love in Just 5 Days with the Sprint Methodology


In a world of constant change, businesses need fast and effective ways to respond to their clients’ needs. This is where the Sprint methodology comes in. Developed at Google Ventures, Sprints are a way to accelerate the innovation process and reduce the risk associated with launching new products or services. In this article, we’ll explore how you can use this methodology to create products that your clients will truly love. A Sprint is a five-day process used to solve big and challenging problems. Throughout these five days, teams go through a series of stages designed to foster innovation and problem-solving.

Day 1 - Understanding the problem.

The first day of the Sprint is dedicated to deeply understanding the problem that is going to be solved. To do this, the team can employ various techniques, such as problem mapping, defining strategic questions, and setting a long-term goal. During problem mapping, the problem is outlined in a visual format to better understand all its facets. Strategic questions are key questions that will help guide the Sprint’s development. The long-term goal defines what the team hopes to achieve with the Sprint and provides a clear vision for the team.

Day 2 - Brainstorming solutions.

The second day is dedicated to ideating possible solutions to the problem. Each team member will work independently, fostering diversity of ideas and preventing the group from getting stuck in one direction. During this day, each team member must sketch a solution, which will then be shared with the group. Although not all team members may be designers, this process allows them to contribute their ideas in a tangible way.

Day 3 - Deciding what to try.

On the third day, the team will review all the generated sketches and decide which one(s) they want to test. This process is usually carried out through a voting process, where each team member can vote for the ideas they like the most. Once the ideas have been selected, the team will work on a storyboard plan that describes how the solution will be implemented.

Day 4 - Create a prototype

The fourth day is dedicated to turning the selected ideas into a prototype that can be tested with users. This prototype doesn’t need to be perfect, but it must be realistic enough for users to interact with it. This process may involve using prototyping tools like Sketch or InVision, and should focus on creating a trial version of the product or service that allows for meaningful feedback from users.

Day 5 - Test with Users

On the last day of the Sprint, the team puts their prototype into users’ hands and collects their feedback. This provides an invaluable opportunity to understand how real users will interact with the product or service and offers insights into what works and what doesn’t. User feedback is collected and used to inform the team’s next steps. This may involve making adjustments to the prototype, starting a new Sprint to explore different ideas, or deciding to proceed with full development of the product or service. This five-day cycle can be repeated as often as necessary until a solution that satisfies both user and business needs is reached. The main goal is to learn quickly and minimize the time and resources spent on ideas that don’t work.


In summary, the Sprint methodology is a powerful tool for accelerating the innovation process and reducing the risk associated with launching new products and services. It allows you to test and validate ideas quickly, ensuring that you are creating products that your clients truly need and will love. The key lies in rapid iteration, constant feedback, and continuous improvement. So, why not give Sprints a try on your next project?

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