Omnichannel and automation marketing the evolution of customer interaction


An interaction flow, or flow, is a sequence of communications designed to guide the customer towards a specific action, such as creating an account or making a payment. These flows can be automated and personalized, using tools to reduce operational costs and improve customer satisfaction in a scalable way.

Diverse Objectives of Automation Marketing: Interaction flows in automation marketing may have various objectives, including:


  • Retention: Creating a lasting relationship with the customer.
  • Retention: Reducing the customer churn rate.
  • Clarification of questions: Especially useful during onboarding.
  • Facilitating purchases: Making the purchase process easier.
  • Increasing customer satisfaction: Improving the overall customer experience.

Main Use Cases in the Customer Journey:

Each stage of the customer journey can benefit from an interaction flow. Some use cases include:


  • Completion of registration: Encouraging users to complete their registration.
  • Registration conversion to purchase: Resolving doubts before the first purchase.
  • Welcome and Onboarding: Informing about the benefits of the product or service.
  • Cross-sell and Up-sell: Presenting complementary products.
  • User reactivation: Re-engaging inactive customers.
  • Surveys and feedback: Collecting opinions about products or services.


Benefits of Implementing Interaction Flows in Automation Marketing

Some of the key benefits include:


  • Improvement in initial sales and additional sales: Increasing sales opportunities through strategic communications.
  • Increase in loyalty and customer commitment: Strengthening the relationship with customers through meaningful and personalized interactions.
  • Reduction of website abandonment: Keeping customers interested and reducing abandonment rate with timely messages.
  • Reducing the time to close deals: Streamlining sales and negotiation processes through effective, customer-centric communication.
  • Reactivation of inactive users: Reactivating inactive customers through targeted and personalized communication strategies.


Creating an Effective Interaction Flow in Marketing Automation

  1. Define a Clear Objective: Identify and improve communication pain points by optimizing the customer experience.
  2. Customer Segmentation: Analyze and categorize customers based on their behavior, demographics, and stage in the customer journey for more effective communication.
  3. Analysis of Touchpoints: Identify and improve communication pain points by optimizing the customer experience.
  4. Establishment of Interaction Sequences: Develop a well-designed sequence of messages using tools such as flow charts or specialized software.
  5. Personalization of Interactions: Adjust the content and tone of communications to fit different customer segments.
  6. Offer Value in Every Interaction: Include valuable content such as tips, exclusive offers, and relevant news.
  7. Automation of Interactions: Use marketing automation tools such as Hub Spot or Infobip to schedule and monitor interactions, ensuring consistency and efficiency.
  8. Implementation and Action: Select an omnichannel interface that seamlessly integrates all channels and is easy to use and powerful in its functionalities.
  9. Monitoring and Result Evaluation: Monitor metrics such as email open rate, clicks, and conversions to make necessary adjustments to sales funnel stages.
  10. Continuous Adjustments and Optimizations: Continuously improve flows based on collected data and feedback to maintain relevance and effectiveness.

Ready to implement automated interaction flows and take your company’s communication to the next level?

Implementing effective communication and collaboration strategies can revolutionize the way your team operates. These tactics not only increase productivity and efficiency, but also promote an environment of transparency and accountability.

By adapting these strategies to the specific needs of your team and company, you can observe significant improvements in decision-making and goal achievement.

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