The 5-step scheme to multiply your quality leads 3X.

5 estrategias para crear prospectos de calidad

Summary: Learn the strategies and tactics to significantly improve your quality lead generation activities (Leads) to make them grow up to 3X more than what you get today.


  1. Challenges in Lead Generation.
  2. Benefits of having an Efficient Lead Generation Process.
  3. The Most Common Lead Generation Channels.
  4. 5 Strategies to Generate Quality Prospects.

Como generar prospectos de calidad
How to generate quality leads
Challenges in Lead Generation

Generating quality leads is a necessity to ensure survival, but it is also time-consuming, process-intensive, tool-intensive, and difficult to achieve. If you don’t generate too many leads, it will take months or years to turn a profit, or your business will be at risk of disappearing.

The market is changing rapidly, buyers are facing new needs, and competition is growing by the day. Therefore, generating quality leads through traditional methods will no longer be enough.

To successfully generate Leads, you must understand your audience and the needs they have in their daily lives. You must include factors such as what people regularly post on their social media profiles, their path of purchase behavior, the emotions and rational arguments involved in the purchase process, as well as how to correctly classify the prospect and follow up correctly. and automate your sales process.

Benefits of having an Efficient Lead Generation Process.

  • Reduce the time it takes to close a new client: If we attract prospects with a real problem, which hurts them enough to pay to solve it, if we know their budget and involve and understand the problems of the real decision makers and if, in addition, we have a control of the sales process, the time it will take us to close the sale of the contacted prospects will be faster.
  • Stop wasting time and money preparing and presenting proposals to prospects who are not qualified to buy our products and/or services: On many occasions we waste time preparing proposals for prospects who do not have a real problem, a budget and decision-making capacity in the purchase, we get excited and start investing time and resources preparing proposals to prospects who are not qualified to buy from us or, worse yet, never intended to buy from us, which ends up wasting time and money on opportunities that never were. .
  • Improve the profitability of our business: By increasing the effectiveness between interested prospects and closing sales, a better use is made of the resources involved in the sales process and we reduce the need to make discounts to close sales, which has an impact on a greater profitability for our companies.
  • Automate routine follow-up activities and have control of interactions with prospects: In the world of sales, many opportunities are lost due to lack of follow-up or we delay an interaction that could have been automated. That said, the best way to avoid these errors is to have automations within your CRM to prevent sales opportunities from being lost due to lack of communication or follow-up, and we can also prevent the sales team from wasting time carrying out routine activities that could be automated, and the most important thing is that you can keep track of how successful those automations were because the CRM can give you a measurement of what results we had with each of these.

The Most Common Lead Generation Channels

Cold Prospecting: The most difficult of all channels and the most used, unfortunately with a very low efficiency, normally between 1% to 3% of the prospects contacted, when looking for prospects who do not have a problem and who do not know us , makes the rate of generation of prospects very low and the ability to make a sale with them, the good news is that we can reduce making this activity more productive with the correct techniques and tools.

Events: Another important source of generating business opportunities is generating real, virtual or hybrid events, with the right decision makers you can build trust and make us known, the efficiency of this type of activity is from 10% to 30%. of the prospects contacted.

“Passive lead generation” channels: The generation of digital channels that are well designed and implemented can become a “passive” and constant source of generating opportunities with real problems and with a high purchase intention, the challenge here is to correctly qualify those who can buy from us, the possibility of closing this activity is 30% to 50% of the prospects with whom we make contact.

Recommendations from clients, acquaintances or prospects who for some reason did not buy but with whom we made a good impression in the purchase process: It is the most efficient channel for generating opportunities and the least exploited, the efficiency of this channel is 80% to 90% of the prospects contacted, you have to ask for recommendations, if we take care of the sales experience and the delivery of services, we are going to have happy people who are going to be willing to recommend us, but you have to ask for them, they will hardly arrive if you don’t we ask, if the recommended person has a real problem and resources to pay for our services, the recommendation becomes a very efficient source of lead generation and sales closing, do not forget to design a good shopping and service experience and at the end ask a recommendation.

5 Strategies to Generate Quality Prospects.

  1. Investigate and understand your prospect in depth: Understanding the emotional and/or rational reasons behind their purchase process, knowing their friction points, their unmet needs, as well as the steps of their costumer journey (purchasing journey) will be very useful, the best way to understand this is by asking your customers directly or carrying out market research with industry professionals, with the right questions and interpretations you will be able to find out the needs, motivators and buying journey of our prospects, which which translates into a very exact guide to increase the chances of making better proposals that resonate and connect with your needs and with the way in which your purchase process is carried out.
  2. Generate passive channels with and without demand generation costs: A person finds your business through one of your marketing channels, either because they attended one of your events or because they saw one of your ads on search engines, or because saw an ad or a post on your social networks, or read valuable content on your blog; To the extent that these traffic generation activities are well segmented, communicated, programmed and executed, we will achieve better qualified leads:
  • The potential prospect is directed to an optimized page (landing pages or destination pages) to achieve a specific conversion action to learn about your offer (which is built to find a solution to their problems or challenges that they are experiencing, and is also built with emotional and rational arguments that potentiate its possibility of carrying out a conversion action). It is then that the visitor is one step away from becoming a lead.
  • Then, they are navigating to your landing page and click on one of your calls to action (CTAs).
  • Finally, they are redirected to a section of your landing page or landing page where they fill out a form and, in exchange for their data, they get valuable content: a guide, a free consultancy, among others, and it is at that moment that where the visitor finally becomes a lead or prospect.
  1. Improve the sales process: Once you have your prospect’s data, the work of having a scouting session with him begins in order to qualify this prospect correctly, understanding if he has a real problem that hurts him enough to pay to solve it, if you have enough budget to pay for the price of your products and/or services and if you have the ability to decide on the purchase of them, it is important to have control over the times and the follow-up that you will carry out during the process of sales, so you have to ask about them and also ask about the factors under which your proposal will be judged. Performing all these steps will help you to raise and improve the ability to close the sale and avoid wasting time preparing proposals and following up on them. opportunities that do not have a chance to close, if the client does not have a problem, does not hurt enough, does not have a budget or does not have the decision-making capacity, it is time to let them know that you are not the option to attend to them, thank them for their time and disqualify this opportunity, it is likely that you will disqualify several of your prospects, but this will avoid wasting time and effort with opportunities that are not feasible to close.

This can be done by asking the right questions and following the rule that the prospect should be the one who spoke 80% of the time of your scouting session, if you are the one who spoke 80% of the session, the process is poorly executed. and the sale is not going to happen, it is best to train you and your salespeople to improve and implement a better sales process. It is advisable to be guided by experts with experience in optimizing and implementing better sales processes; always with an expert guide you will reach your objectives faster.

  1. Tracking your business opportunities in a CRM: Correctly tracking these new opportunities is easier if we have a CRM that allows us to record contact and segmentation data, as well as record the steps we have taken with the prospect. , and also follow up on the commitments we make with them, and finally monitor each of the stages of the sales funnel of each of the opportunities of all your vendors, in order to more accurately predict the results that you will have and measure in which stages of the sales funnel need to spend more time and effort.
  2. Preparation of proposals and presentation of the same: One of the most important activities is the preparation of the proposal where we will elaborate it based on the problems, budgets, decision factors and times that our prospects raised in the exploration session, It is important to open the presentation session remembering what those points were, and present the proposal that is based on those points. At the end, you have to ask based on this proposal that we saw, did we solve your problems, within the times and budgets that you have today? ?, on a scale of 1 to 10, what rating would you give to this proposal? If the prospect answers us with a score above 9 or with a 10, it is time to ask, what are the next steps to complete the sale, if they qualify us below 8, we must return to adjust the proposal until obtaining a score above 9, In this way we have full control of this important stage of the sales process and we will be able to close more sales.

With Leaper360, get a step-by-step guide to properly implementing these recommendations, making your ability to find qualified people who are ready to buy more productive. Our team of commercial strategists, market researchers, communication experts, digital marketing experts and sales experts will work hard with you, to provide you with methodologies, tools and expert guidance to obtain higher quality leads, creating perfect strategies without worries at the hands of our professional advisers.

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