The scheme of 7 elements for a communication to sell more.


Are you looking to sell more with your communication? in this article we will explore how to achieve it and stand out from your competition.

Effective communication to sell more

Are you looking for an effective way to communicate with your customers and stand out in a crowded market? If so, in this article we will explore the basics of how to improve your communication strategy and apply it to your business to achieve amazing results.

First you should know that the power of brand stories and the simplification of messages can help companies to convey their message in a clear and attractive way. This, because our brain throughout evolution has learned to filter the information it receives based on 2 parameters:

  1. Will this information help me survive?

Our prospects are absolutely not interested in who we are, our history, how many decorations or how many awards we have obtained, what they are really interested in is solving their problems. You must ask yourself if the information you are going to give them will help them to solve their problems (if we are helping them to survive). If so, your brain will begin to pay attention to our messages.

  1. Is the message easy to understand?

Throughout the day, the human brain burns a lot of calories processing the information that comes to it, but when the message is complex it will avoid it at all costs. That is, if the information is not clear, our brain will stop paying attention and will not process the message.

The curse of knowledge

One of the most common problems that companies make is to think that our clients have the same level of knowledge that we do about our products and/or services. On a scale of 1 to 10 with respect to our commercial offer, we have 10, however, the vast majority of our clients have a level of 1 or 2 of it, therefore, if they hear a confusing message and even full of technicalities, your brain will stop paying attention to us.

Therefore, the messages that we develop must be thought from the perspective of the problems, that is, how do we help our prospects to solve their problems? The message should be simple and easy to understand. Remember that less is more.

The power of brand stories

In addition to speaking from the perspective of our prospects’ problems with clear and simple language, the best vehicle to convey our messages is to use the Brand Stories scheme, because they follow a universal structure that always connects and attracts audiences. .

This structure consists of 7 key points that when applied to a marketing and communication strategy can help create a powerful and effective message. Get to know them:

  1. The hero. This is your ideal prospect, he faces a specific problem or challenge that you can solve.
  2. The problem. Identify the core issue your prospect is trying to solve and how it makes them feel. That feeling regarding the problem will be key to triggering the purchase.
  3. The guide. He represents your company, he is the expert who understands how the prospect feels about the problem and will help him to overcome it. The guide guides and helps the hero.
  4. A clear and easy to follow plan. So that your prospect can solve their problem, offer them a simple plan without so many steps.
  5. Call to Action. Encourage your prospect to take action and solve their problem, this through a powerful Call To Action.
  6. The successful result. Show your prospect what his life would be like after following your plan and solving his problem.
  7. The negative result. Highlight the adverse consequences that are at stake if your prospect doesn’t follow through with your plan and doesn’t address their problem.

Now, we show you three practical steps to apply the 7 points of the Brand Stories strategy in the marketing and communication of your company:

to. Create a brand positioning. Use the seven steps of brand stories to create a concise and powerful brand statement that communicates the value your company offers to your prospects.

b. Apply your brand statement to your website. Make sure that your website reflects your brand statement and presents your company as the expert guide that will solve the problem of your potential customers.

c. Use the methodology in your marketing campaigns. Apply these seven principles to your social media, email, and ads to engage your audience and motivate them to take action, like leaving their details or making a purchase.


The Brand Stories methodology is a powerful tool to improve your marketing strategy and communicate effectively with your potential customers. This is because by telling an attractive story where your business is the guide, it will motivate your prospects to ask you for an appointment and thus begin a process of buying your products and/or services.

At Leaper360 we use the Sales Up methodology, which encompasses the Brand Stories process, thus helping companies increase their profitability and sales. Our experts will be your guide and will design a plan where your campaigns impact your prospects, position your brand and get more customers. Schedule an appointment with the experts at Leaper360 and unleash the potential of your company.

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